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A New York Vacation



New York Vacation Spot



A New York Vacation Spot.

New York Vacation Spot

The first time I went to New York, I was actually heading from Toronto to a France Vacation Spot. Since I love to travel and see the
best vacation spots, I made sure I stayed a couple of days right in the heart of New York.

When you book your plans to see this incredible city, you will need much more than a couple of days...

There is an atmosphere, a feeling in New York that touches you.

The energy from the people themselves is tangible. I wanted to stop people on the street and ask them 'their story'.

New York Vacation Spot


When I first arrived in New York from Toronto the airport was almost overwhelming. I thought the Toronto Pearson International Airport was big... And I had to fly in, then out of both LaGuardia, and Kennedy (JFK), where millions of people pass through each year.

I was comfortable though, since it is such a 'fine-tuned machine' to handle so many passengers.

New York Pass

The first thing I did, being a bit of a 'last minute vacation deal' person, is book a hotel. Once in my room, I barely was settled in and I was calling for a tour bus to see the city.

It's one of the easiest ways to see a Vacation Spot for the first time, especially a city like New York. Depending on your mood and budget, you can say you 'saw' New York and all the 'Must-See's' there. I love it because I can then decide where I want to spend the rest of my time while I am there.

Our tour bus guide was incredible. Typical 'New York Flavor' about him. Strong, compassionate, and honest. It was great to see the city through his eyes...

New York Vacation Spot

New York Vacation Spot New York Vacation Spot








One of the things that surprised me was the Statue Of Liberty.

I have seen her in a million photos, but to actually see her incredible height and to look up at her..."Wow"...is all I can say. She is anything but typical 'in person'.


Your New York Vacation Spot

New York Vacation Spot

Among all the amazing things I saw, which photos can only come close to, I miss the aroma of foods coming from different ethnic restaurants, the sounds of taxi cabs honking their horns, the window shopping, the people...I LOVE NEW YORK!

Ready to plan a trip to NYC? Take along the New York Passnewyorkvacationspot


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Photos by Oquendo, kcjc009, CraigGrocott, fashion4camera, jimieye, morrissey.